Writing a novel with no assurance that it will ever be published is a hard thing that never gets easier, at least not for me. I’d like a nickel for every query letter I’ve had to write before I found a publisher for my six novels. Make that a dime for my seventh novel which continues to languish on top of a stack of rejections.

It’s increasingly difficult to find traditional publishers that are even accepting submissions from authors. Many have already filled their publishing slots for the next year or two. Some have restrictive reading periods of as little as one or two months out of the year. More and more require submission through an agent in an effort to upgrade the quality of submissions while cutting down the size of their slush pile. By the way, if you think it’s hard finding a publisher, try getting an agent to represent you.

Self-publishing is not an option for me. The tepid enthusiasm for my work from the buying public would turn such an endeavor into a vanity project. I don’t write for the money, but I also have no interest in losing what little I make.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to look for a home for Pieces of January. The good news is that Tears at Sunrise has sold a few copies and is now available in trade paperback. I’m grateful to everyone who has bought or plans to buy the book. It’s my favorite of the John Howard series. I hope you enjoy it.