I’m not a Grammar Nazi. I don’t hate semi-colons and I don’t care if you end a sentence with a preposition. I don’t even mind gerunds, although I wish they would quit straddling the fence and decide whether they want to hang out with the nouns or the verbs. I would go with the verbs because they’re cool, but that’s just me.

Anyway, I recently added my books to yet another author promotional site. I figured it couldn’t hurt, especially since it was free. I immediately encountered a problem when I tried to load my books onto the site. No surprise – I’m an idiot when it comes to technology. I sent an e-mail requesting help and received a prompt response from the site administrator. He identified the problem and fixed it for me. I sent him a thank you e-mail and received a two word reply: “Your welcome.”

All right, that’s okay, it’s just an e-mail typo. We’re casual here. I returned to the promo site and began uploading my books. That’s when I spotted it again. My already low expectations plummeted. I finished what I was doing and left. I haven’t been back.

I’m sorry, but some things are just beyond the pale. Anyone that operates a site for authors and thinks that the contraction for “you are” is “your” should be barred from using contractions for the rest of their life. Violators of the ban would be required to French kiss a wasps nest and eat beets for a month, if it were up to me.

Okay, I’m finished. I hope you enjoyed this little rant. If you didn’t, I’m sorry. If you did, YOU’RE welcome.