If you’re a novelist you probably don’t earn much money from your work. That’s the way it is for most of us. As a writer whose royalties are just a shade more than nothing, I like to look around and see how others in the arts and entertainment field are doing.

I’m not talking about people like James Patterson and Stephen King. They’re doing fine. I’m more interested in indie authors, because we share the same struggles. I don’t care about the Rolling Stones. I care about the local bar band that buys studio time to cut a CD in hopes of getting a recording deal. We share the same struggles. I’m not interested in celebrated artists that sell their work for six and seven figures. I like the artists and craftsman that are trying to make a sale at the local arts and craft shows. We share the same struggles.

Diane and I recently visited Busch Gardens with our daughter. Busch Gardens is, of course, one of the major theme parks in the United States. It attracts visitors from around the country and world. I’m fortunate to live less than twenty miles away from the park.

The show we saw was amazing. The ensemble cast was called upon to act, dance, sing, and drum with choreographed precision. The performance was among the best I’ve ever seen on stage. I hope the same performers will return for Christmas Town, less than a month from now.

It’s not easy to make a living nowadays. There’s talk of raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. Good. In the meantime, the actors/singers/dancers/musicians at Busch Gardens will continue to entertain visitors for fourteen dollars and seven cents an hour. That rate is unchanged from 2014. The owners of Busch Gardens should be ashamed.