Nobody has ever told me that my writing reminds them of anyone. Does that bother me? No.

I write mystery/suspense novels. Wouldn’t I like to have a reader tell me that my writing reminds them of James Patterson/John Sandford/Harlan Coben/Lee Child/Randy Wayne White….? No.

I would love to have my talent for creating and telling a  story compared favorably to the work of these great authors, but my voice is my own. I don’t want to write or sound like Stephen King, James Patterson, or anybody else. I have no desire to emulate or imitate another author. Any writer that does is a fool. That’s not writing; it’s copying.

It took me a few years of writing short stories to find and develop my voice. It’s there in the six novels that I’ve written and the seventh which is nearing completion. You may or may not like my work, but you can be assured that those books were written by Ronald Paxton, not by Ronald Paxton pretending to be someone else. That’s worth something.