My favorite author is John Sandford. He’s a Pulitzer Prize winner and the brilliant creator of the Prey series and the Virgil Flowers novels. I love the mystery/suspense/thriller genre. James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Nevada Barr, and Randy Wayne White are among my favorites, but Sandford is the best.

Sandford is one of those authors where you don’t need to read the blurb, look at the cover, or study the reviews to decide whether or not to buy his latest book. I would buy it if it was written in pencil on notebook paper.

Why would I do that? Well, never mind that he tells great stories that are exceptionally well-written. For me, the key is that I always know what to expect from a John Sandford novel. I know what elements to expect from the characters and the story. It’s not predictable. It’s satisfying.

Readers should have great expectations whenever they purchase a book. The author certainly has great expectations when he or she writes it.

I’ve published five novels. My sixth one is coming out next January, and I’m a third of the way through my current work in progress. So, what can you expect from my books? Good question – thanks for asking.

I write mystery/suspense novels. You can expect family drama, murder, a dash of romance, more than a little testosterone, and some sex scenes that are descriptive, but not graphic. The good guys are flawed and the bad guys are monsters. The stories are fast-paced, with a lot of misdirection. I’ll keep you guessing. The writing is good and occasionally inspired.

Thanks for listening. I hope you’ll check out my work. If you don’t, at least read Sandford. He’s the best.