There is some good in everyone. That’s a popular saying (some would call it an axiom) that we’re all familiar with. I’m sorry, I don’t believe it. I believe there are a few individuals among us that are amoral, psychopathic, soulless monsters that deserve to be stuffed in a coffin and sent to the crematorium while they’re still alive. We can’t sit around and wait for these people to die.

As a writer, I love monsters. I want my readers on the edge of their seats, flipping the pages as fast as they can, waiting for someone, anyone, to hurry the hell up and kill these sub-human abominations.

Monsters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of my favorite ones wear a mask of respectability-ministers, librarians, and psychiatrists, to name a few. Occupational choice does not exempt one from monster status, not in my novels.

My current work in progress is “Tears at Sunrise,” the third novel in the Howard family/Wild Pony Ranch series. There are monsters in this book, three of them. Think you’ll be able to identify them? First, you’ll have to try to separate the good guys from the bad guys. It’s not as easy as it sounds.