I read a variety of fiction and non-fiction. My favorite fiction genre is mystery/suspense/thriller. For non-fiction I prefer biographies and southern history.

I have no interest in zombies, werewolves, or vampires.

Erotica is boring. I’m a guy – I want to see a picture or a video.

I just started writing Chapter 9 in “Tears at Sunrise.” It’s going well.

I’m a careful and precise writer, but I’m not tentative.

If I didn’t write novels and short stories I would love to write power ballads for someone like Bon Jovi or Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon.

I admire anyone who writes, no matter the quality of the work.

I don’t believe in censorship. Some writing may be offensive and inappropriate for certain age groups, but an author should still be allowed to write it.

Sometimes I forget the name of a character from one of my earlier books and have to look it up.

I admire writers that can keep a series going. Some of my favorite authors have written twenty or more books in a series. I think that’s amazing.

There are a lot of good books on the market and a surprising number of bad ones.

Free days and mass giveaways on sites like Amazon and Goodreads are harmful to authors.

I’ve never seriously considered self-publishing. It wouldn’t give me the validation that I get from signing a contract with a traditional publisher. Also, it would take me a long time just to cover my initial expenses. I’m not interested in a vanity project.

I wish I could sell more books, but I don’t know how. That doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for writing.

That’s it. I hope the three minutes you spent reading this weren’t wasted because that time is gone forever.