I have fully embraced social media. Okay, let me modify that statement. For a 65 year old man who views modern technology with indifference, I have fully embraced social media. In addition to this blog, I am on LinkedIn and Pinterest. I also have a website, two Facebook pages, and a Twitter page. I’m a member of approximately twenty online writing and reading groups.

These aren’t just moribund links that I visit on rare occasions. I’m busy every day friending, liking, sharing, commenting, connecting, messaging, linking, tweeting…. This is how I develop relationships. This is also how I try to develop followers of my work. In case you didn’t know, I write novels. Three are currently available on Amazon and I have another coming out in April.

Here’s the problem: I feel like I’m drowning. It’s hard to breathe, knowing that this stuff is endless. It’s immortal; it will never die or go away. If I take a bathroom break, there are five more notifications or messages when I come back. I can’t ignore them; that would be rude and I might miss something important or useful.

All right, I feel a little better now. Obviously, I need to compartmentalize my activities and manage my time so that I can give some thought to my next writing project. I haven’t decided whether to write a third Howard family novel or a fifth Salem Matthews novel. I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, Twitter is demanding my attention. Talk to you later.