When it comes to my writing I am forever hopeful, so let’s start with what went right for me in 2014:

1. I released my third novel through World Castle Publishing.
2. My book sales and royalties increased from 2013.
3. I signed publishing contracts for my fourth and fifth novels. “Soul Man” is scheduled for release in April 2015, and “Broken” is due out in January 2016.

There were also some disappointments:

1. Despite the increase in sales and royalties I have yet to find a real following or fan base. I will continue to search for the solution to that problem. I’ve ruled out the easy fixes of writing under a pen name – James Patterson has a nice ring to it, but that name is already taken and could create confusion. I’ve also decided not to write an erotic romance novel. That would require a sex change operation on my part and the ability to think and feel like a woman. The first is possible; the second is not.
2. I still haven’t found an agent or a major publisher interested in my work. That was always a long shot, but it’s still a disappointment.
3. I’m still trying to place my sixth novel. That’s not a real disappointment yet, because I finished it just before Thanksgiving. In the meantime I’m anxious and impatient.

What I learned.

1. Endlessly promoting my work on social media doesn’t produce much in the way of sales, at least not for me. I’ll look for new ways to showcase my writing. I have just created a new Facebook author page to go along with my regular Facebook page. I’m also excited to announce that my publisher and I are working on getting my books released in audio format! A fellow author and good friend encouraged me in this direction, and I can’t thank her enough.
2. The best way for me to sell more books is to write more books. People are still buying my first two novels, as well as my newest release. Maybe that’s what they call trickle down economics. Or not.
3. Hopes, dreams, and goals are important, but realistic expectations provide a cushion when you don’t catch the brass ring.

My hopes and dreams remain huge – an agent, a major publisher, sale of the film/television rights to my novels, and a large following. You may think these dreams are outlandish or bizarre. That’s okay; they’re my dreams.

My goals are to sell more books this year than last year, see my novels made available as audio books, and place my recently completed novel with a publisher. My expectations are the same as my goals.

Thanks for listening. Stop by and see me at one of the links below.