I am delighted to have the opportunity to sit down with Henry, the acclaimed ghost writer of the novel, “Deep Water.”

Q. How did you get started as a writer?
A. My human, author Ronald Paxton, is a brilliant short story writer, but he couldn’t get the hang of writing novels. I finally had to step in and help him. It was like an intervention.
Q. You’re a Yorkshire terrier. Does that pose any problems for you at book signings or other public events?
A. No. My human takes credit as the author of my work. Sometimes I accompany him to events, but I’m careful to act like a pet.
Q. Have you written other books for your human?
A. Yes, I’ve written a total of four books, but “Deep Water” is the only one currently available. “Soul Man,” “Broken,” and “Silent Waltz” will be coming out in 2015 and 2016. I’m the most important character in all four books.
Q. How does Ronald Paxton feel about your writing?
A. He’s grateful that I’ve given him the chance to be rich and famous. He’s also ashamed that his own talent is so small. One of my jobs as a ghost writer is to make him believe that he’s the author and I’m just his assistant.
Q. You have a sister named Diva. Does she help with the writing?
A. No, she doesn’t help with anything. I included her as a minor character in my books because I feel sorry for her. I can’t imagine anything worse than being a cat.
Q. Are there other animal authors?
A. A few. Most are ghost writers because it’s hard for dogs and cats to cash royalty checks.
Q. Really? Even at credit unions?
A. Yes, even at credit unions. They’re not animal friendly; don’t believe the hype.
Q. Are you a member of any writer groups?
A. I’m a member of a small group of animal writers. We keep a low profile because we don’t want to embarrass our humans.
Q. Do you think animal authors will ever be accepted by the general public?
A. It’s hard to say. Right now we’re about as popular as atheists and Satanists.
Q. That has to be difficult. How do you cope?
A. I take solace in the quality of the work I provide for my human. I’m also on an anti-depressant. Two members of my animal writers group are alcoholics.
Q. Do you have any advice for other animal writers?
A. Yes. Make sure you get your fair share of your human’s royalties. I take a flat 60%. Don’t settle for anything less.
Q. Thank you for this interview, Henry. Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?
A. Yes. You can take me outside before I pee on your shoes.