“Call Emma!” John hollered as he burst through the front door….

“Frothing at the mouth, pupils are dilated, pulse is weak and rapid,” Emma said as soon as Chase arrived. “His jaws are clamping and he’s convulsing. He’s in respiratory failure,” she concluded, glancing at her father….

Another car roared into the driveway and a moment later Adam Waller came flying into the barn carrying his medical bag….

“I think he’s been poisoned, Adam,” Emma said quietly….

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Emma said softly….

John stared down at his horse, his partner, his companion, and, in some ways, his closest friend. Jubal’s eyes were starting to glaze. He looked up at John and the gratitude and love was there for all to see. The great stallion laid his head against John’s hand and closed his eyes for the last time….

Chase and Emma left a few minutes later. They had reached the driveway when a howl shattered the nighttime stillness.