After five novels I am still amazed by the number of authors eager to give away their work. Let me confess that I hopped on this strange bandwagon in an effort to boost the visibility and sales of my first novel, “Winter Songs.” I did two free days on Amazon and watched 654 people download a copy of my book. Here is what I learned:

1. You will get some reviews for your book, but not as many as you expect.

2. Reviews are helpful, but they aren’t a magic formula that will make your work a best-seller. Frankly, I think they are overrated.

3. I eliminated 654 potential paying customers for “Winter Songs.” Authors are constantly engaging in this form of self-sabotage.

4. No, those 654 people didn’t get a taste for my work and rush out to buy my other novels. I wish. No, I suspect they simply moved on to the next author that was giving away their work.

So, I’ve learned some things. I no longer do free days. I refuse to download free books because it hurts every author who is trying to make a few dollars from their writing. I refuse to purchase 99 cent novels because that is a ridiculous price point that belongs at a garage sale.

Okay, that’s all I have to say. I feel better now.