That’s the question Jimi Hendrix posed in his brilliant 1967 debut album. Everybody seems to think experience is important. People are always citing their experience in an effort to get a job, find customers or clients, and make sales. I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed.

Come on, we’re all experienced at something. I’ve been driving for half a century, but I’m not a great or even a good driver. I think I’m a little above average. I have a good record, I don’t speed, and I don’t tailgate. Unlike a lot of drivers, I even know how to use my turn signal. On the other hand, I’m a tentative driver after dark and I can’t parallel park. My point is that all this experience hasn’t made me a great driver. My other point is that I really don’t have fifty years experience. I learned almost everything about driving the first year and have repeated it for forty nine years.

This brings me to writing. Am I experienced? Yes, but that’s the wrong question to ask. Do I write well? Do I know how to tell a story? Does my story look interesting?

Those are the questions to ask. Read the reviews. Read the blurb. If it looks good to you, buy the book. If you’re still not sure, please don’t buy it. I don’t want unhappy readers.