Let me start by confessing that genreless is not an actual word; I made it up. If you’re a Scrabble player don’t use it.

My writing doesn’t fit neatly into a single genre. My first novel, “Winter Songs,” has been variously described as contemporary, inspirational, romance, and mystery. My second novel, “Deep Water,” seems to belong in the suspense genre, but could also be categorized as a mystery or romance. I personally describe my work as family drama/suspense with elements of mystery and romance.

So what? What difference does it make?

When your work can fit into several categories it really doesn’t fit into any. I guess you could say I’m a cross-genre writer. I think this poses a problem, or at least a challenge, as I try to market my books and grow my fan base. Readers like certain kinds of books and want to know what they’re buying. Horror readers want a horror book, not a suspense novel with horror elements. Paranormal readers want a paranormal book, not a contemporary novel with speculative elements. Mystery readers want a mystery, not an inspirational romance with mystery elements. You see the problem.

There is a bright side. My storytelling is unrestricted. I’m not bound to a particular genre that I may lose interest in, and if I ever become rich and famous I won’t be trapped in that genre by my adoring fans. On balance, I think the glass is half full. In any event, I write what I write and my readers seem to enjoy it. I’ll keep on going.