Not writing; that’s the most difficult part. No, I’m not being a smartass. Really.

I hate being in between projects because that is when my insecurities raise their ugly heads. What comes next? Should I stick with my current series or write something entirely different? I can’t think of a thing; what if I never have another idea? Maybe I was never any good in the first place.

Unfortunately, I can’t rush an idea. For me, it’s like a picture that slowly comes into focus. The lead character usually appears first, followed by the title and the other primary characters that I plan to build my story around. The actual storyline and plot points often come last.

The picture for my next book is finally coming into focus. I’m currently writing the synopsis for “The Killing Page,” and the opening paragraph for the first chapter is already done.

I’m glad to be underway. The tenacious voice of my Inner Critic has fallen silent, leaving me free to listen to the words of my characters. I think they’ll have a lot to say.