I’m curious about what people read. I don’t care what’s in your medicine cabinet or your underwear drawer, but if you invite me into your home I will search until I find your bookshelf. A person’s bookshelf does more than satisfy my curiosity or offer a potential topic of conversation. It tells me about that person’s interests and, perhaps, their passions. For the serious reader, the bookshelf contains more than personal possessions. The books are an intimate and very personal part of their lives, something to be read countless times, something to be kept and treasured forever, or at least until they fall apart.

Although I’m a writer of fiction, you will find a lot of non-fiction on my bookshelf, mostly books on southern history and baseball. I would like a dollar for each time I’ve read these books. Seriously, I would like a dollar. Of course I also read fiction. I’m partial to suspense/mystery/thrillers and love the writing of David Housewright, Randy Wayne White, Nevada Barr, Harlan Coben, CJ Box, and the late Robert Parker, among others. See, now you know something about me.

So, back to my original question: what do you like to read? Let me know; I’m curious.