I’m a story teller and I use strong words. No, not profanities; there’s not much of that in my writing, mainly because I find it uninteresting. I’m also not talking about writing a novel or short story that is overflowing with adjectives or, even worse, adverbs. I’m talking about writing in an active voice without qualifiers. I want the scenes I write to be strong and muscular, not passive and weak. How else will I evoke a reaction from the reader?

My characters drive my stories and they have to be strong enough to push the narrative forward. I want the reader to experience a range of emotions along the way: anger, outrage, sadness, joy, laughter, exhilaration, fear. I want their pulse to race; I want to knock them off their feet, figuratively speaking; I want my writing to find a place on their bookshelves.

I’m currently working on my next novel. The story will be good and the words will be strong. I promise.