It’s hard to get people to review your book. It’s also hard to count on people who say they will review your book. I’ve wasted time and postage sending my book out for  reviews that never materializes. Maybe it’s because I don’t write genre fiction. I’m not interested in sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal romance, although I have to admit that female vampires are pretty hot.

I’ve done a few reviews upon request and I’ve also declined a few. I won’t do a review in a genre that I don’t enjoy (see above). It’s not fair to the author. If I think the work is good I’ll say so. If I think it’s bad I’ll probably e-mail the author privately. I’m not looking to tear anybody down, but I’m not going to mislead potential readers with a 5 star review if I think the work is closer to a 1 or 2.

If I say I will review your work you can count on it. I’m not doing it for a free read; the library is only a mile from my house. I wish other reviewers would do the same.