I’m writing one now, the follow-up book to my novel, “Deep Water.” I enjoy writing sequels because I already know the core characters and it’s fun describing the next chapter in their lives. The downside is that an author can grow tired of the same characters and there’s always a risk of this being reflected in the writing. The other potential pitfall is that a writer can become so familiar with how a character will act in certain situations that he neglects to actually put it down on paper in sufficient detail.

So, there are pros and cons. Readers fall in love with certain iconic characters, Travis McGehee, Spenser, Doc Ford, Joe Pike, Anna Pigeon, are some of my favorites. The authors that write those books are extremely successful, but, in a way, I feel sorry for them. In a sense they are trapped and limited by their own success. The readers and the publisher will want more Anna Pigeon books even if Nevada Barr is sick of Anna Pigeon and wants to write something else.

I certainly don’t have that problem, at least not yet. I’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.