I am a quiet, introspective, introverted person. Writing suits me. In my previous life I had jobs that required a lot of supervision and interaction with people. I was able to modify my behavior to perform that role but it didn’t change who I was. It was hard and I’m glad it’s over.

Books don’t sell themselves; you have to market them. There are exceptions to this rule. Stephen King’s books do sell themselves.

If I was really good at interacting with the public, marketing and promoting my books, I wouldn’t have written them in the first place. I would be too busy selling something like cars, stocks, or real estate and chasing commissions.

Once you have your social media presence established on the various platforms(Facebook, LinkedIn, Website, Twitter, etc) there’s no reason to spend all your time there. Spend more time writing.

Having Stephen King read my work would be like having Mick Jagger listen to my garage band if I had one.

I am a former elementary school spelling champion. Fifth grade spelling tests won’t make you a good speller. Reading will. Fifth grade vocabulary tests won’t enhance your vocabulary. Reading will.

I have been a lifelong underachiever in things that don’t matter to me. I’m an overachiever in things that do matter.

This one is for all the fifth grade social studies teachers: Nobody cares about the major imports and exports of Paraguay.