I’ve always been an avid reader. I was born in 1949, so I had the good fortune to grow up without the Internet, smartphones, or 24 hour television. Reading was a big part of my entertainment. As an adolescent I particularly enjoyed The Hardy Boys mysteries and the Chip Hilton Sports Series of books by the great Clair Bee.

During high school I moved on to William Goldman, J.D. Salinger, and John D. MacDonald, among others. Reading was an adventure, something to enjoy, to savor, on long summer afternoons when I wasn’t playing ball, running through the sprinkler, or riding my bicycle; something to enjoy on a rainy weekend; something to enjoy every night of my life. I still read myself to sleep at night.

Time and the world have moved on. Some things are better, some are worse, and some are neither, just different.

A lot of things have disappeared over the years: 8 tracks, library drawers with titles on index cards, Stuckeys, and the list goes on. Books are still with us. I’m glad.