I am not a best selling, household name, oh-my-God we’ll have to stand in line for hours if his book tour ever comes to our city, author. Thanks for looking surprised.

My sales and name recognition are relatively small. I’m working hard to grow both but, in the meantime, it occurs to me that I have advantages over my fellow authors who reside at the top of the publishing heap. The people who buy my book, my fans, are not faceless. I know many of you and appreciate all of you. I am able to count you one by one. It’s a very personal experience and connection, one I’m not sure writers like Patterson, King, Koontz, et al, are still able to feel with their vast world-wide sales.

I have 2 more novels in the publishing pipeline and I have no doubt my sales and brand will continue to grow. I don’t expect to reach the top of the mountain but I do expect to maintain a personal connection to my readers as long as I’m capable of putting words on a page. I’m grateful for that.