Who would you want to read if you found yourself in this situation and were limited to one author?

Okay, I admit this question would probably not be at the top of your list of concerns. Okay, it didn’t make the list at all, but let’s pretend.

I would choose my own writing. No, I’m not being arrogant or, more accurately, delusional in assessing the size of my talent. It’s about comfort. If I’m stranded on a deserted island I’ll take comfort wherever I can find it. My stories, books, and characters are part of me, part of who and what I am; they are familiar.

My point is that I enjoy satisfying books with strong characters and themes and story lines that resonate with me. That’s what I read and it’s what I write.

So, seriously, who would I choose? I would probably write down some of my favorites – John Sandford, Robert Parker, Nevada Barr, CJ Box, Bill Bryson, Augusten Burroughs, John L. Parker, Jr., Bevin Alexander – close my eyes, and pick one.

Discover what and who you like to read. I hope whatever you read is a source of comfort and satisfaction, something that touches and perhaps even inspires you. Reading should be a joy.