My ego, that is. In what can best be describes as an act of self-flagellation, I regularly check my book ranking on Amazon. By regularly, I mean every single day. My absolute ranking matters much less than whether I’m rising or falling. Nobody likes to fall. I’m sure even best selling authors feel it in the pit of their stomach when their book slips from #3 to #6, even though they are still selling a truckload of books.

I guess it’s a way of seeking validation for the quality of our work. I mean, I know my work is good and my publisher has validated that fact by accepting my book for publication. Still, there’s that feeling of uncertainty and insecurity that’s hard to shake.

By the way, I’m talking about rankings based on legitimate sales, not the ridiculous game playing that shoots your book into the top ten because of giveaways, free days, or the number of Facebook friends you convinced to Like or vote for your book. I do realize I’m nearly alone in this view among authors.

Thanks for listening.