I write every day, usually around 1000 words, although sometimes as few as 500 or as many as 1500. That should not impress anybody; it’s not exactly prolific output. I’m not the guy who can write a novel in a month, although I can probably polish and finish a book in 5 or 6 months. It’s my approach. I don’t do first, second, and third drafts. I write carefully from the start, trying to select my words and syntax with care. I edit each chapter after I have completed it. After I have completed the book I start at the beginning and do another edit all the way through. I let the book sit for a couple of days and then do a final edit. By the way, I don’t work from an outline. I don’t want to be tempted to force my story into the outline. I let the story and my characters lead me. I do work from a synopsis and a list of characters. I use it mainly as a compass and checklist for character introduction and development and as a general guide for the direction of my story. That’s the way I work. Is it right or wrong? I don’t know and don’t really care It’s right for me and I’m probably too old to change.